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Go ahead…roll around in the grass this 4th of July…as long as it’s synthetic grass that is. Yep, switching from natural grass to artificial turf means an insect free 4th of July. Since the artificial grass has no organic value, the bugs have nothing to feed on and pesticides are a thing of the past

Who has time to water and mow their lawns these days? As the seasons change, your grass might start to lose the evergreen lush look and if you live in drought prone areas like Texas, lawn maintenance can not only take up a lot of your valuable time, but also become costly. Natural grass depletes

Synthetic grass saves pet owners from the typical lawn damage associated with our furry friends. Synthetic grass requires little-to-no maintenance and is far more appealing to the typical home owner. You can say goodbye to mowing, yellow urine spots, or dark brown/dead spots on your lawn! According to the ASPCA, it’s important for pets to

Our synthetic grass products are the perfect solution for those shady spots killing your grass. Our product line is not only aesthetically beautiful, but can also withstand shaded areas, heavy foot traffic and severe weather conditions, making it ideal for any landscaping project. We have the most realistic and natural-looking synthetic grass products with characteristics

Artificial turf has many benefits: It doesn’t need watering, weeding, mowing, or feeding. It’s green all year round, and it can be as soft as real grass and from a distance it can be difficult to tell the real from the fake. Here are a few ways to get inspired to design with artificial turf