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The evolution of artificial grass has greatly expanded over decades of trial and error. From first generation artificial turf to the synthetic grass that’s in your backyard today, our TigerTurf product has grown through improvements and innovative design within the synthetic grass industry. TigerTurf has created a synthetic grass that creates appeal, comfort, practicality and

Some people may ask ‘why install synthetic grass when I have a beautiful yard already?’ There are many factors that are involved with maintaining a natural grass lawn: water, pests and maintenance. When you fire up that lawn mower or spend an extra 30 minutes watering the lawn or are fighting off garden pests, take

Outdoor playtime is more essential for children now than ever! According to the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC), gross motor activities are a critical part of a child’s physical development as it directly relates to coordination and self-confidence. Keep your child safe and encourage playtime on Texas Elite Landscaping’s products designed for

Synthetic grass is both allowed and encouraged anywhere from front yards, backyards, businesses, commercial properties, and doggy runs. It’s bristly, lush and there’s tangled thatch around the roots. And it’s fantastically faux. High-end synthetic grass looks like the real thing – even enough to please discerning people. If everyone switched to synthetic grass, eliminating just