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Mother Nature ain’t got nothin’ on this! Whoever decided to claim that synthetic grass can’t look like real grass underestimates Texas Elite Landscaping’s Tiger Turf products! From lawns and parks to commercial settings, Texas Elite Landscaping can provide you with the most natural looking synthetic turf ever made. Forget the crew cut look, our Tiger

While we can list out the many reasons why you should switch your lawn, business park or playground landscape to synthetic turf, we would rather show you with pictures submitted by our happy clients! For the past decade, synthetic turf has made headway onto residential and commercial landscape properties. It has become a practical solution

Artificial turf has been around a long time. From club sports to professional athletes, our TigerTurf products provide high quality yarns that survive high levels of foot traffic in addition to extreme weather conditions. By implementing the latest in synthetic grass technology, TigerTurf handles traction and supports athlete’s performance of all levels. From putting greens

As fun and loving as pets are, our four-legged friends can often create dead spots throughout natural grass and, as a result, high maintenance and stress for pet owners. Not only will the grass always be greener, but it will also prevent unwanted insects, dirt and bacteria from entering the home. Texas Elite Landscaping can

Natural grass lawn maintenance can turn any day into a stressful day. If you decide to install a synthetic grass lawn, we have some tips on selecting the right turf best suited for your preferences! It is essential to consider the activity that surrounds your front yard, backyard or outside area where your synthetic grass installation

ant a picture-perfect lawn? Fake grass is the answer. It solves watering, weeding, and fertilizing woes. If you’re just tired of constant lawn maintenance, you’re in good company. More homeowners are saving time, water — and their backs — by switching from real grass to artificial turf. Synthetic grass for landscaping and recreation is growing

If you live in a dry climate where water rationing is the norm, real grass lawns can become an environmental nightmare. In Texas during our summer months, we consume millions of gallons of drinkable water, dumped onto our lawns every day, year-round. Also consider the environmental impact of all of those gas-powered mowers whining away,