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If you have shaded areas of your lawn that get little or no sunlight, artificial grass is the perfect solution. It requires no sun and looks green and pristine all year long. The photo above is an actual client’s lawn where we have replaced the natural grass with a synthetic grass – beautiful! This client

Pets love synthetic pet turf as much as their owners. Pets don’t have to worry about pesky pests and dried grass or lack of grass. Pet owners don’t have to worry about yellow grass and smelly odors as with natural grass. All of the products in our system have been tested and are safe not

Convert your grass lawn to artificial grass in time for Spring and Summer! With a synthetic grass landscape, regular maintenance is a thing of the past! Unlike natural grass lawns, synthetic grass does not require regular watering, mowing, weeding or fertilizing which cuts your expenses in half and gives you the freedom to enjoy your evergreen

Work on your Short Game at home! We offer affordable professional-grade putting greens with creative undulation and design. Our putting greens give the golfer of any skill level the ability to simulate the feel and roll of true Bent Grass. Our three putting greens styles, True Putt, P.E. Putt and Nylon Putt, have been rigorously

Synthetic grass evolution, technological advancement and freedom to outperform any natural grass application makes our TigerTurf synthetic grass product the best alternative to any natural grass landscape. Texas Elite Landscaping provides a cost effective and durable landscape that qualifies for a top notch lawn! Our synthetic grass has ultraviolet resistant grass blades with sturdy blade shapes and TigerCool technology