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Ladies we know it’s so hard to find that perfect gift for us guys. Please do us a favor and don’t buy us a tie or a facial. We want something we can really enjoy for a LONG time this year. TigerTurf offers American-made, high quality and professional grade putting greens that are customizable to

Stop Working In Your Lawn and Start Enjoying It! Who has time to water and mow their lawns now-a-days? As the seasons change, your grass might start to lose the evergreen lush look and if you live in drought prone areas, lawn maintenance can not only take up a lot of your valuable time, but

The synthetic grass industry began as a solution to help improve inner city youth’s physical fitness during the 1950’s. Strong proponents of artificial grass were The Ford Foundation’s Education Facilities Laboratory in conjunction with Monsanto Industries and Chemstrand. From 1962 through 1966, Chemstrand’s research organization, The Creative Group, tested synthetic turf carpet surfaces for flammability,

Forget grooming your lawn! Synthetic grass provides a free ticket for pet owners to avoid typical lawn damage from pets. Synthetic grass requires little-to-no maintenance and is far more appealing to the typical home owner. No more mowing, dark brown/dead spots on your lawn that scream for water! According to the ASPCA, it’s important for