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Hardscaping with Synthetic Grass If you live in a high-rise and have a balcony or patio, you are probably pining away for some lush greenery beyond a potted plant. We have the solution! You can really add pizazz and a touch of green with a synthetic turf lawn. A lot of high-rise dwellers are disappointed

Why should you use artificial grass for residential or commercial use? Impeccable Product: We only use TigerTurf products. TigerTurf has a world-renown reputation for high quality products. Therefore, feel confident that when you buy TigerTurf US products, you will receive only the best in both product and service from Synthetic Grass DFW. Advanced Products: Our

Adding Turf Ribbons Into Your Hardscape Turf Ribbons Dallas Synthetic turf incorporated in and between hardscape has become a new trend. Placing synthetic turf in between concrete, pavers, travertine, or flagstone can magnify the beauty of your landscaping design and create a unique look. Synthetic Grass DFW has done several of these installs. Check out