Artificial Grass – Eco Friendly?


Artificial grass is also called waterless grass since they are produced from plastic which is believed to be eco friendly. They need less maintenance and no watering. As you all know, maintaining a lawn requires lot of water. There is scarcity of water in many places and Artificial grass is the best alternative to natural grass.

The best thing is that you don’t need to provide any sort of fertilizers. Putting manures is a tedious job and it is considered to be very damaging for the environment while it rains. The rain water will carry the fertilizers and other unsafe matters present in it and they will pour into the close by water bodies such as rivers, ponds etc and it will gradually contaminate them.

It is obvious that there are numerous advantages to installing artificial grass (otherwise known as synthetic grass). If you put down artificial grass, the air around your home will become significantly less polluted. Also, with a synthetic lawn, you never have to be concerned about mowing the grass.

Studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that one hour of using your gas powered lawn mower is equivalent to driving your car for a hundred miles. The best way to avoid this is through the use of synthetic grass, which not only cuts down on this pollution, but also on the maintenance of your lawn in general.

There have been studies which have shown that the smell which comes from cut grass can definitely be unsafe for the world. Educational studies have shown when grass is cut, some sort of hydrocarbons are flown into the air as wells as going into our atmosphere. As well as making this much worse on a smoggy day.

It is about time people realize the levels of pollution caused by a lawn mower. Artificial grass provides people a way not to worry about pollution caused by lawn mowers. It is clear that artificial grass is more friendly to the environment. Artificial grass is easy to install and easy to maintain. In addition to being easy to install, it can be installed on any firm surface.

Since the turf is produced from plastic, artificial grass is also called water-less grass. This synthetic grass requires less maintenance, and no watering. The scarcity of water in many places makes a synthetic lawn the best alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass significantly reduces air pollution because it doesn’t need to be mowed with a pollution-spewing lawn mower. Installing fake grass is very easy. The artificial grass can be placed on any type of surface without difficulty. By installing fake grass, you will help your entire house and neighboring areas to become environmental friendly.



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