Artificial Grass – The Future Starts Now


Artificial grass has been around now for a considerable amount of time, the popularity of the grass has increased steadily over this period and the market for these low maintenance grass products is huge.

Innovations in the manufacture of synthetic turf have been the driving force behind it’s increased popularity and the latest innovation will no doubt take it up a notch further.

Before looking at the latest innovation for the product there are many other factors involved in manufacturing a quality artificial grass product.

The majority of high quality artificial grasses are manufactured from polyethylene rather than nylon or polypropylene.
Polyethylene has a different polymer structure to polypropylene allowing for a softer, smoother, non-abrasive surface, this makes grasses perfect for a number of applications including domestic lawns, play areas, roof terraces, balconies to mention just a few.
The yarn selection is vital in the process of creating the perfect product. Yarn undergoes stringent testing prior to being passed fit as the ultimate durable yarn.

The quality of a grass can be determined by the pile weight of a product, this factor determines the quantity of yarn used per meter square of product. The pile height is simply an indicator of its intended application or format.

The latest innovation in the manufacture of this popular product is the use of a fully recycled polyester yarn. By supplying the market with a artificial grass product which is manufactured with a mix of polyethylene and recycled polyester the end user has the ability to use an environmentally friendly component within their garden which at the same time looks natural, feels smooth and is non-abrasive.
Each square meter of this artificial grass contains approximately 15 recycled plastic bottles, this is something to think about next time you put the recycling out. At the same time, the installation of the artificial grass material reduces the excessive use of water, fertilizer, petrol or electric (mowing) to nil, all of which are required when striving for the best looking lawn in the street.

Some years ago the installation of artificial grass as a domestic product may have been frowned upon but in it’s place it is perfect especially with the emphasis being on reducing your carbon footprint, the installation of artificial grass has many benefits.
The innovations for this product continue to be researched and developed and the likelihood is that in the not too distant future we may be relaxing on artificial grass which has been manufactured from 100% recycled materials.



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