Artificial Grass – Low Maintenance For Holiday Homes


When summer gets into swing and we start thinking about the holidays, those of us with holiday homes will often experience an inward groan as well as the usual pleasure associated with a relaxing trip away.

Undoubtedly, your holiday home is a comfortable haven that you and your family – and your friends – love to visit, but when sunny weather causes the garden to grow in a unlooked-after frenzy, it’s disheartening to think that you could end up walking through an overgrown jungle before finding the front door.
That also means that the first few days of your supposedly relaxing vacation could be spent getting the garden back under control, cutting the grass and pruning the shrubs, only in the knowledge that it’ll all happen again next time.

Solutions are at hand, however. Rather than spending hours hunting for Fido after he disappears into the jungle out back, why not lay a strip of artificial grass instead of the real thing?
Many people do not realise that artificial lawns come in a huge variety of styles and forms and a large percentage of these are nothing like the artificial grass we think of (that found on football fields or cricket lawns, for example).
In fact, some types will have you taking a closer look to check that what has been installed on your lawn really is fake!

So, as well as having the excellent advantage of never needing to be cut or looked after, artificial grass can also be extremely realistic so your lawn will still look fantastic. In fact, it might look better than ever, thanks to the uniform length of some types of artificial grass that achieves a look never gained with a lawnmower.

You’ll also find it’s perfectly safe, with especially soft and springy types being ideal for children and pets to run around on.
Such activities will also no longer see mud being trekked into your home, or unsightly brown patches where the grass has been worn away due to so many pairs of feet charging over it.

Artificial lawns look good, feel good and need absolutely no maintenance work. So, if you’re dreading a visit to your holiday home thanks to an unkempt garden, perhaps it’s time to consider artificial grass as the solution.



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