Artificial Grass and Its positives


When you are thinking of giving a transformation to your outdoor space, you might think to install artificial grass in it. These fake grasses, in the recent years, have gained a lot of buzz and they are considered to be the best alternate option when you have a plan to create a lush green garden.

Here, we would discuss about the positives of installing an artificial grass in your outdoor space…

First, let’s see the Pros section

One of the biggest advantages of using fake grass for your garden areas is that it has a very low maintenance cost. Even, some of the grasses in the market are available in no maintenance at all. It is especially recommended for huge playgrounds or commercial parks because the maintenance cost’s scale is very low.
According to the experts, it is financially very friendly as the cost of maintenance is very negligible, even after keeping in mind the factors like vacuuming, repairing, refilling and even watering.

Another perspective of seeing the advantage of maintenance friendliness is that you do not have to waste hours in keeping a check on its growth or watering it for nourishment.
This saves you a lot of time and gives you the freedom to enjoy your time, rather than wasting it in maintaining your garden.

Since, you do not have to water them, it saves a lot of water for the planet and thus is considered to be eco-friendly as far as saving water is concerned.

Unlike natural grass, it does not require pesticide treatment for keeping it at bay from pests and insects.

Durable and UV Resistant_ these grasses are made from the finest of synthetic fibres, which ensures hardwearing and long lasting features to the grass. Some grasses come with an impressive 10 years of long warranty period. These grasses also come with a UV resistant layer coating keeps them safe from harsh and direct rays from sunlight.


Artificial Grass, Come Rain Or Shine – Use it All the Time


The Summer, even the weather forecaster struggles to predict what is happening from one day to the next. We are told at the beginning of one week that a hose pipe ban is to come into force due to the lack of rain and high temperatures and then for the next three weeks it constantly pours down!

So what affect does the changeable climate have on your lawn. It is yellow and patchy due to the heat and then waterlogged due to the incessant rain, it will now be looking a little bit worse for wear and not something you want to look at every day.

It doesn’t have to be this way, those who have artificial grass lawns are grinning from ear to ear as their gardens look great whatever the weather. More and more people are seeing the benefits of artificial grass and transforming their gardens.

The quality of artificial grass has increased dramatically, today it has a thick latex porous backing so no water-logging, it’s UV stablised so no fading and it’s guaranteed from five years upwards so no patchiness.

If you have a young family it’s perfect whatever the weather, a spot of rain does not stop the kids from wanting to play outside and if they are football mad then real grass just isn’t going to withstand the constant play whereas an artificial grass lawn provides an all weather surface to keep the kids happy.

You can also benefit from the minimal maintenance required. No more watering, feeding, mowing, seeding or weeding just a brush down or hose every now and again to remove any debris.



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