There are several common misconceptions out there about modern day artificial lawns and grass. Back in the day, replacing your standard lawn with a synthetic one meant giving up quite a bit – comfort, looks, status and money. Things have certainly changed. Today’s breed of artificial lawn comes with everything a standard lawn provides and more.

I’d like to overturn a few of the common misconceptions about artificial grass by getting the facts out there:

Misconception #1: Artificial Lawns are Luxury Purchases – When artificial lawns first arrived they may have been costly to build and install. Today, it’s exactly the opposite. Installing an artificial lawn actually saves you money within a relatively short time. In less than four year artificial grass will pay itself back in the cost of watering, mowing, and caring for a sod lawn.

Misconception #2: Artificial Grass is well, ARTIFICIAL: That is true, but that is a good thing! They are green, eco-friendly and considerate of the environment. In fact, artificial grass is a growing part of the green movement which is brewing in our country because we’ve realized how important it is to conserve our natural resources. They are saving tons of water everyday and preventing the use of harmful pesticides.

Misconception #3: Artificial Lawns are Difficult to Install- It seems like it would be a difficult process to replace your sod lawn entirely with an artificial turf. Many people stray away from the process to avoid the ‘headache’ of getting it setup. However, today’s professional lawn installers can easily get you set up with minimal hassle involved.

Misconception #4: Artificial Grass is Unsafe – Old school artificial grass used to be associated with harmful chemicals like heavy metals and lead. Today’s synthetic materials, like Polyolefin blades, are completely inert and built to be in close contact with your loved ones. Not only is artificial grass safe, but it also can be safer than a traditional sod lawn with a thick layer of child safety foam under the blades, providing a plush surface for your kids to fall on during their playtime.

Misconception #5: Artificial Lawns Aren’t Pet Friendly- The new breed of artificial lawns are built for pets. Not only is the surface a lush area for your dog to romp around in, but the cutting edge technology ensures an odor free and clean surface. Artificial grass will prevent common pet damage like dug-up holes and standard wear-and-tear, and also drains even better than a sod lawn.


Source: Ezinearticles


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