Do you want to invite colorful, singing birds into your backyard? It turns out it’s fairly straightforward … just meet the same basic needs that we, as people, have! For birds to feel welcome and comfortable, furnish them with plenty of shelter, food, and fresh water. As Jean Smith, Smith County Master Gardener states, “Providing the basic needs for birds will attract them to your yard and provide many hours of entertainment enjoying nature just out your back door.”

The following are a couple other thoughts from Suzanne Gates, another Smith County Master Gardener, to keep in mind during the planning process. “Locate feeders near the edge of a shrub or flower border. Eliminate nuisance birds by cutting back on their favorite foods.”

To get you started with some inspiration, I’ve included some ideas from our Bird Feeders & Houses Pinterest board. Simply click the photo to be directed to the original source. There are some kid-friendly projects to get the whole family involved!

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Learn more on how to attract birds from Jean and the other Smith County Master Gardeners. They offer advice on specific types of plants to include in your landscaping plan, a variety of food options, and additional tips to keep in mind.

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