synthetic grass was first introduced in the 1960s when it was used in the Astrodome. And while still most commonly associated with sports arenas and golf courses, there’s a reason artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial properties. Since its introduction, manufacturers have been working to make improvements in the look and feel of fake grass to more closely resemble the natural sod yard. They’ve been successful. Without close inspection, it’s now incredibly difficult to tell the difference. And with its other associated benefits, it’s easy to understand why the use of turf lawns are on the rise.

The installation of fake grass drastically reduces lawn maintenance costs. Homeowners free up their time for true leisure activities without having to put in the effort to sustain a healthy yard. Fake grass requires no irrigation, trimming, edging or resodding, yet it will stay green year round and perfectly conform to the contours of your lawn.

The EPA estimates that households in the United States use 7 billion gallons of water daily for outdoor water use. With the ever increasing importance of water conservation, and the unpredictable Texas droughts, installing fake grass will provide significant savings in water and money.

Dogs are notorious for tearing up sod yards with digging or trampling grass into dead spots. A pet-friendly synthetic lawn can eliminate these issues. By eradicating dead spots and the potential for muddy areas, it  also reduces constantly having to bathe your dog or clean your floors after he/she tracks in mud. Our specially manufactured synthetic turf grass backing allows urine to drain through the turf, and pet droppings and urine will not stain or discolor artificial grass. And the benefits aren’t for you alone. The Synthetic Turf Council states that synthetic turf is enhancing the way pets play.

Synthetic turf lawns are environmentally friendly as they have no need for fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides.

Artificial turf is suitable for any area and ideal for shady lawns or those spots where grass can’t (or won’t) grow, such as: roof gardens, balconies, and around swimming pools.

It also adds usable square footage to your home. We continually hear our artificial turf lawn customers expressing how much more they’re using their lawns. The durability of a turf lawn also allows for increased playability from children or pets. Yards that were previously a dry, dusty wasteland, or an over-watered muddy area, are now durable, pristine manicured grass, always available for use.