10 Benefits of Using Artificial Turf in Children’s Sports Field

Everybody is aware of the term ‘Artificial Turf’. There are many sports in the world that are played on artificial lawn rather than the original grass. There are a plenty of reasons for placing the artificial grass in place of the grass. You must have seen the lush green golf courses on the Television. They look so green as if they had used the highest quality of grass to make that course, but in reality, they had used the artificial lawn, which gives the same look, but when it comes to benefits, then it goes way too ahead than the normal grass. Not just golf, but you can take the example of field hockey, which is also played on artificial grass and it has been a while since they have switched from conventional turf field to the new AstroTurf.

Artificial turf is a synthetic surface that is manufactured by using the man-made materials to simulate the look of grass. The trend of using the synthetic grass initially begin with the professional athletic teams and after that, the synthetic turf has expanded into the private sector and now you can see a countless number of children’s sport fields made with this turf. There are two main reasons for the expansion of this turf; one, the quality of the faux grass has significantly improved since the last two decades, especially after the 1990s and two, this turf requires less care and landscape. I would like to mention the top ten benefits of suing artificial turn in all the playgrounds of the cities. Here are the benefits:

1. This turf is excellent in regions with arid environments or those where less light is reached.

2. This turf is great for all the indoor sport fields or putting greens.

3. It doesn’t require much care, so people can do other important work without worrying about the turf.

4. Children always play rough, so the artificial grass can withstand the damages, whereas the normal grass won’t.

5. It can last up to ten years without any issues.

6. This turf drains a lot better than real grass.

7. The ground staff will have to cut the grass in order to make the field available for playing, whereas the artificial lawn is always ready to play.

8. It is very easy to maintain the turf.

9. It consumes far less water than the grass fields.

10. If you want to make it more professional, then you can add fiber optics into the turf. This will allow you to put lighting or advertisements into the surface, which is quite hard to do in the conventional grass fields.

The artificial lawn made today are even more environmentally friendly than before. They will also help in reducing the need for water and other chemicals that are sprinkled on the grass fields to keep it fertile. The artificial turfs are recyclable, allergen free and available in many different varieties. Children will love playing on this turf.


Source: Sooperarticles


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