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Interested in learning how to compost? The U.S. Environmental Protectionagency lists the following as environmental benefits of compost: enriches soil, helps cleanup contaminated soil, helps prevent pollution, and composting diverts organic materials from landfills. Households can also reduce their need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides. For beginners, this easy to understand How-To Compost infographic was created by PBS:

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Many areas of the state are already experiencing extreme drought, even this early in the year. Understandably, water conservation is already a hot topic, and the installation of synthetic grass a growing trend. However, many of my client’s also seek my services for the following problems: numerous shaded areas where grass stubbornly refuses to grow,

Synthetic grass was first introduced in the 1960s when it was used in the Astrodome. And while still most commonly associated with sports arenas and golf courses, there’s a reason artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial properties. Since its introduction, manufacturers have been working to make improvements in the look and

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We recently installed new turf in the playground area of Saint Michael’s Preschool in Highland Park. The more durable artificial grass will better withstand the demands of their playing preschoolers. In an article by the Synthetic Turf Council, Rick Doyle, President, states, “synthetic grass playgrounds offer safe, resilient and accessible surfaces that can be used