Bring the Outdoors Indoors With Artificial Grass at Your Office

Artificial grass isn’t just a product that is confined to outdoor use, it is also ideal for creating interesting and colourful spaces indoors. More and more offices are seeing the benefits of using artificial grass as an alternative floor covering. Sometimes the decision of using artificial grass is taken to tie in with a theme of the business or to create more vibrant meeting rooms, work spaces or chill out areas.

The turf is hard wearing so can stand up to the increased usage it would receive when laid as an alternative to carpet, some turfs are even more hard wearing than carpet as they are designed for heavy sports use. The turf can be bonded directly down to the existing hard floor surface and can even be curved with the use of floor edging strips to prevent trips or falls. It is easily maintained in much the same way as carpet.

Creating unusual and individually designed spaces within offices which include the use of synthetic turf can have a calming effect on staff with the illusion of working in an outdoor space. A well designed office can improve morale and productivity and reduce absences and resignations.

If you are looking to create an office at home but your short on space why not look towards the garden. A shed or outhouse can be easily transformed into the perfect work space. The smallest of spaces can be transformed easily into an office and to keep the area as an extension of your garden artificial grass would be the perfect floor covering, pair this with some colourful and funky office furniture and you have yourself an inspiring place to work at home.



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