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Converting your natural grass to a synthetic grass lawn is a solid investment. Conservation efforts lead Americans in the right direction to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up our carbon emissions. Thousands of cities across the nation offer rebates to those who invest in synthetic grass, as water efficient upgrades for

There is nothing like lush, green grass to enhance the curb appeal of commercial and residential properties. Or is there? The look of vibrantly green grass can now be achieved with synthetic grass that requires less upkeep than real grass. synthetic grass DFW’s TigerTurf products provide authentic-looking, durable greenery that stays beautiful year around. synthetic

Lately we’ve noticed that there are quite a few pop up artificial turf companies in the Dallas Metroplex. So why do you want to steer clear of these newbies on the market and stick with experienced ones? Why synthetic grass DFW Is Better Than The Rest Quality Product We only use authentic TigerTurf ™ synthetic turf products.