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Put down that rake. Sell that lawn mower. Stop buying fertilizer. No more WORKING in your yard. This Fall instead of mowing, fertilizing, aerating and raking that dead, burnt out grass every weekend, you could be enjoying a lush green synthetic turf lawn. With synthetic grass, there is no more watering, reseeding or worrying about

Stop Working In Your Lawn and Start Enjoying It! Who has time to water and mow their lawns now-a-days? As the seasons change, your grass might start to lose the evergreen lush look and if you live in drought prone areas, lawn maintenance can not only take up a lot of your valuable time, but

Imagine your little ones running around in your backyard and one of them falls and hurts themselves due to an uneven patch, ouch! It is important to be aware that your kids require a friendly and safe play area for their outdoor activities. synthetic grass supplies a wonderful landscape that the whole family can enjoy!

Summer is here and what’s better than soaking up the sun on a beautiful sunny day! There are many fun activities that can be done on your synthetic grass lawn. From barbecues to playing sports to sun tanning, there are numerous ways to create a fun and safe environment for family and friends. No more

Go ahead…roll around in the grass this 4th of July…as long as it’s synthetic grass that is. Yep, switching from natural grass to artificial turf means an insect free 4th of July. Since the artificial grass has no organic value, the bugs have nothing to feed on and pesticides are a thing of the past

synthetic grass is a new innovative way to create a beautiful, safe, and eco-friendly landscape solution that has shown to reduce landscape costs. Whether you are in the market for residential or commercial use, synthetic turf is a great option that requires minimal resources and maintenance. Before admiring your beautiful new yard or outdoor space,

The first impression of your home makes a substantial impact on potential buyers. Curb appeal is what attracts, what gets their attention. A home could have a fabulous interior, but realtors still have to get prospective buyers through the front door. Want to know the best way to increase your property value and improve your

If you’ve ever tried to plant anything in Texas, you know the unique challenges the Dallas climate poses. With seemingly endless heat and droughts, particular care needs to be taken in choosing plants and flowers for your landscaping plans. One of the questions I’m most frequently asked by clients and friends alike is, what can