synthetic-grass-highland-parkArtificial turf captured America’s attention after Astroturf installed the first generation of synthetic grass for the Houston Astrodome’s baseball field in 1966. This installation set a precedent for many sports fields across America that could not otherwise maintain natural grass.

As the 1970’s came into full swing, the artificial turf industry followed the shag carpet trend and introduced “shag turf.” The longer yarns were created from a softer polypropylene material, much more user-friendly than its first generation predecessor. Sports like field hockey benefited from this surface, however soccer was left in the dust due the soccer ball’s reaction on the grass surface.

Fast forward to the middle of the 1990’s to third generation artificial turf which featured a much softer polyethylene blade fiber. This turf is what you will find on any residential, commercial or sports landscape today. The third generation synthetic grass also features longer fibers spaced farther apart as well as a “thatch,” or dead grass yarn positioned between the grass blades and the backing. For ideal turf form, function and stability, infill is spread throughout for an added extra comfort while providing adequate foot traction.

teen-choice-awards-artificial-turfIn addition to taking root on the lawns of American homeowners, synthetic grass has since replaced Hollywood’s infamous red carpet several times, including the Teen Choice Awards used Synthetic Grass, the Latin Grammy’s, and other large Hollywood parties in order to encourage the “go green” lifestyle throughout. Cynthia Kiktavi Design, the designer behind the Teen Choice Awards “The Greenest Event in Hollywood” also uses TigerTurf synthetic grass products for her mega star clients in a push to go green. She is dubbed as the eco-lux landscaper to the stars.

If you have an interest in using synthetic grass for your pet run, landscape, or putting green, please call Texas Elite Landscaping today! We can answer questions you may have about how it works, pricing, and the benefits associated with artificial turf.

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