All You Need to Know About Artificial Grass


In the recent years, we have seen a surge of artificial grass in almost every sphere of our life. They have proven their feasibility for personal as well as corporate areas. A few to name are home gardens, corporate parks, playgrounds in schools and colleges and for other recreational parks. They have unmatched value and importance as they are exact replica of natural grass and currently the best alternate option as well.

Here is the list of the things you must know if you are planning to buy and install artificial grass…

The first point is the budget

As there is a huge range of products available in the market, the budget is not a big issue. You will find grasses suitable for every budget. But keep in mind that the higher you spend, the better quality would be guaranteed.


Installation of artificial grass is quite simple and easy. Here is the list of the two most important pre-instalment measures…

Measuring your borders, edgings and curbs properly to avoid any miscalculation.
It is always recommended to clear the area where you want to install the grass. Remove debris, grass, roots or any other similar thing which can harm the turf.


Before buying anything, you must keep an eye on the maintenance cost required for that product. Artificial grass comes with a no maintenance cost feature. It requires no watering for its maintenance. It also does not need any mowing to keep a check on the grass growth. This comes in very handy for individuals having hectic daily schedules. Now they don’t need to waste hours in maintaining their garden.

Durability factor

These grasses have been made to last long. As these are made from the highest standards of synthetic fibres, you are assured of high durability, hardwearing and long lasting features. There are some of the products in the market, which even come with decades of warranty period. The product quality ensures that they would remain at bay from wear and tear.

UV Resistant

One of the key features of this grass is that it comes with UV resistant feature. This makes it suitable for outdoor locations. It ensures that direct sunlight exposes no threat to these grasses. It will remain fresh and green for years to come.



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