playground-turfOutdoor playtime is more essential for children now than ever! According to the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC), gross motor activities are a critical part of a child’s physical development as it directly relates to coordination and self-confidence.

Keep your child safe and encourage playtime on Texas Elite Landscaping’s products designed for playground applications! Playscapes is the perfect alternative landscape system for your outdoor activities. Our TigerTurf products ensure product safety for your little ones.

Consider these products for your playground installation:

underpadOur lawn pad is the perfect cushion for all of your children’s activities! Featured in three different foam densities (3/4”, 1-1/8” & 2-1/8”) and sold in 6’ x 4’ rectangles, the lawn pad will protect your child from all of their spills and thrills!

Where would your playground landscape be without the highest quality synthetic turf available? We recommend our softest and most durable TigerTurf products such as the popular Diamond Pro Spring. Noted for its open “w” turf blade shape, Diamond products feature a memory fiber that will uphold through all types of foot traffic. This line is also featured as a TigerCool product and will keep the surface temperature of your play scape 10 degrees cooler!

With our products, your playground landscape will feature the safest most technologically advanced synthetic turf and require very little maintenance and almost no water!

Playtime has never been easier! To find out how you can get started on a custom playground landscape installation, call us for more information: 214-298-7726.

Source: Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Texas Elite Landsscaping’s supplier of synthetic grass products