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If you are considering an artificial grass for a commercial landscape design, EasyTurf synthetic grass is the best artificial grass choice and the best solution for commercial landscape design including rooftops and patios.

Artifical Sports Turf Dallas Our turf handles the toughest contact sports and still maintains a green and pristine appearance. The sky’s the limit with our synthetic sport turf capabilities! Whether it’s for a home putting green, school playground or sports field, we have the perfect synthetic grass solution for the job.

There is no doubt synthetic grass will beautify your home, but the most important aspect of this type of installation is the performance. Unlike many synthetic grass companies, Texas Elite Landscaping understands that pet urine can and will create unwanted odors that will turn your new synthetic lawn into an unpleasant experience. This is why

The striking appearance yet minimal upkeep are what make our synthetic grass lawns ideal for any commercial environment. When your commercial property is surrounded by a lush green setting, you are not only adding value to your infrastructure’s image but increasing both employee and patron morale. By positioning your business with our product, you are

Our synthetic grass products provide the beauty of perfectly groomed landscapes yet do not require the demanding maintenance of a natural lawn. We use TigerTurf™ products which are customized to meet and exceed all of your landscaping desires. Our entire product line is UV stabilized, significantly reducing the chances of fading. Our products have gone