Our Dallas area clients frequently have sections of their yards that serve as pathways to different areas. These footpaths often lead to side gates, decks or patios, pools, or any other part of the backyard. Because of the high foot traffic, grass in these areas is typically worn down and matted looking. These pathways are invariably spots where weeds thrive, brown, dead spots occur, and a bit of rain turns them to mud pits. The constant usage prevents the lawn from growing properly.

However, there is an alternative! Artificial turf is a perfect solution to these challenges. synthetic grass is a maintenance free landscape option for pathways. Installing fake grass maintains the aesthetic appearance of a lush, green lawn without the hassle. These footpaths require no mowing, watering or weeding. There will no longer be mud from increased foot traffic or dead spots around pavement tiles from lack of rain. Pathways consisting of artificial turf are always manicured, green, and easy to maintain.

The following photos were taken from our project gallery and consist of various Texas Elite Landscaping pathway projects in Highland Park, Richardson, and Plano.

synthetic_grass_highland_park artificial-grass-pathways-richardson artificial-grass-pathways-plano

There are many benefits to converting your Dallas lawn to one of synthetic grass. Beautifully manicured, low maintenance footpaths are just another advantage. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us today!