Isn’t it an ideal day when we look outside to a bright morning, our green lawn glistens with the morning dew, and the kids happily play outside with our adorable pets?

Yes, that’s the ideal setup. But as much as we love our pets, we can’t help but complain how much of a mess they make on our once immaculate lawns that they render the yard too muddy and sometimes dirty with litter.

It’s a good thing that an ideal pet turf is presented to us through synthetic grass. Here are the top reasons why synthetic grass is an ideal pet turf in places like San Diego and other areas where you can enjoy your green lawn.

Pet friendly and safe

Dogs love playing around, and looking for things to bite, chew and dig especially when they are out enjoying the sun. It’s a good thing that artificial grass is no different to real ones when it comes to our pets. With its durability and anti-microbial nature, the pets’ exuberance in playing will not damage the grass and themselves.


Compared to an all-year maintenance, both with professional services and personal caretaking of the lawn, the cost of the installation of the pet turf will prove to be worthy especially if you have a wonderful yard to show off.

Little maintenance and cleaning

The turf comes with a pet urine drain and there’s an odor control system that would reduce the smell of pet odors. In addition, there will be no muddy paw prints all throughout the house when the pets play on the lawn. The artificial grass is also easy to clean with the use of your usual household cleaner.

Green lawn all year round

With an artificial grass, unless it’s storming outside, there will no more be sun-dried, hard-earth days, and fertilizer and weed killer schedules for our pets. And most especially, you can finally lounge back and just enjoy how green your lawn is.

Now, as we envision these benefits along with the installation of our very own artificial grass, doesn’t the vision seem like the idea of a great day presented above?


Source: Sooperarticles


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