synthetic grass is a new innovative way to create a beautiful, safe, and eco-friendly landscape

solution that has shown to reduce landscape costs. Whether you are in the market for residential

or commercial use, synthetic turf is a great option that requires minimal resources and

maintenance. Before admiring your beautiful new yard or outdoor space, there are many steps

that must happen prior to reaching the final product!

1. Construction

The old grass, mud, concrete, tile, etc. are removed and the ground leveled and compacted to

ensure a structurally sound foundation for construction. An effective drainage system is an

important component of a synthetic turf system and is designed to carry away the water that

penetrates through the turf. The kind of drainage system depends on the outdoor space, rainfall,

climate, and other factors. Sprinkler systems and irrigation systems can also remain in place

with a synthetic grass system and can help with cooling and dust! Silica sand is then placed

throughout the space prior to installing the turf. Silica sand is highly resistant to crushing and the

absorption of bacteria and other field products. This type of infill will allow for a more realistic

playing surface and provide shock absorption prior to turf installation.

2. Installation

Now that the base materials have been laid, the synthetic grass is ready to be installed. Our team

measures the outdoor space and will lay the turf chosen. Turf comes in rolls similar to carpet and

is cut perfectly to the dimensions of your yard. For synthetic grass systems to be permeable to

water, the turf will have a secondary backing with holes punched at regular intervals to provide

for drainage throughout the system. This will also ensure there is no standing water on the

surface of the grass. Industrial adhesives are used to bond turf seams and inserts. The adhesives

are resistant to water, fungus, and mildew.

3. Maintenance

How do I keep my synthetic grass as if it was installed yesterday? Maintaining a synthetic

turf yard is essential for the safety, appearance, and longevity. Periodic grooming or brushing

of the turf is important to redistribute the grass throughout the yard. A soft nylon type brush

is recommended to ensure that the grass is uniform in direction. Brushing the grass will also

remove litter, leaves, dirt, or other debris.

These are the three main steps our team uses create a beautiful new outdoor space for you! Call

us today @ 214.298.7726 for an appointment so we can help achieve your landscaping idea for

your residential or commercial needs!