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Previously, artificial turf was primarily used in sports arenas, and that is still our initial association when we think of synthetic grass. However, with the advances in its appearance to resemble natural grass, along with its many benefits, it’s a viable option for many commercial and residential properties. It can be incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive to maintain a healthy lawn in the Texas climate. Installing synthetic grass is a great alternative.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

There are a number of personal, financial, and environmental benefits in moving to a synthetic lawn, including, but not limited to, the following:

Lower maintenance costs, time, and effort: Fake grass requires no irrigation or trimming, yet it stays green year round.

Adds usable square footage to your home: Frequently, we hear our artificial turf lawn customers expressing how much more they’re using their lawns. Yards that were previously a dry, dusty wasteland, or an over-watered muddy area, are now durable, pristine manicured grass, always available for use.

Pet-friendly: Dogs are notorious for tearing up sod yards. A synthetic lawn eliminates those dead spots. Additionally, pet droppings and urine will not stain or discolor artificial grass, and our specially manufactured synthetic turf grass backing allows urine to drain through the turf.

Suitable for any area: Artificial turf is ideal for shady lawns or those spots where grass can’t (or won’t) grow, such as: roof gardens, balconies, and around swimming pools.

Significant savings: With the ever increasing importance of water conservation, and the unpredictable Texas droughts, installing fake grass will provide savings in water and money.

Pesticide-free: Synthetic turf lawns have no need for fertilizer or herbicides.


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