Converting your natural grass to a synthetic grass lawn is a solid investment. Conservation efforts lead Americans in the right direction to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up our carbon emissions. Thousands of cities across the nation offer rebates to those who invest in synthetic grass, as water efficient upgrades for your residence or commercial property.

It’s never too late to upgrade your home landscape with synthetic grass. Just before the harsh winter sets in is a perfect time to make that investment. The planet and your wallet will thank you. A natural grass lawn means spending an average of $11,500 a year on maintenance alone. A huge chunk of your hard earned money goes to paying water bills and maintaining your lawn. A synthetic grass lawn means no water, mowing, pesticides or fertilizer.

Trade in your thirsty turf for synthetic grass and be prepared for Spring and Summer 2017. All of our TigerTurf synthetic grass products are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it perfectly safe for pets and animals.

Now is the time to ditch that natural grass and invest in a beautiful, eco-friendly and low-maintenance artificial grass lawn. Call synthetic grass DFW today for a free quote, questions or design consultation.