synthetic grass evolution, technological advancement and freedom to outperform any natural grass application makes our TigerTurf synthetic grass product the best alternative to any natural grass landscape. Texas Elite Landscaping provides a cost effective and durable landscape that qualifies for a top notch lawn! Our synthetic grass has ultraviolet resistant grass blades with sturdy blade shapes and TigerCool technology allowing it to withstand any climate, rough play or foot traffic.

UV- resistant Polyethylene blades assure that any amount of heat or sunshine won’t fade your synthetic grass lawn. No need to worry about a dull looking lawn, its color will remain vibrantly green!  Not only is synthetic grass heat and frost resistant, but it is also non-flammable and repels insect’s chemical attacks!

Different grass blade shapes provide amazing durability! Each blade shape establishes a sturdy and reliable surface that will last for years to come! No more matting or brown spots on your lawn! Texas Elite Landscaping’s synthetic grass products provide you with a long lasting lawn that will endure any level of external factors. All of our TigerTurf products are the ideal pick for a sustainable and magnificent lawn!

IMG_2167There is nothing better than a beautiful plush lawn that looks pristine even after the most torrential rain, extreme drought or snow storm! With a synthetic grass lawn, all the possibilities are endless! Enhancing your backyard or front yard creates the opportunity to achieve a low maintenance, long-lasting and high quality synthetic grass lawn!

Check out our most recent installation and you’ll see a perfectly manicured lawn with little or no maintenance on your part. It blends in beautifully with the natural trees and shrubs and works great with pavers.

If you are interested in learning how we can convert your yard into a care-free synthetic grass lawn, please contact us.

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