We all strive to have a beautiful lawn and shade is the sworn enemy of the keen grass grower. Natural grass needs light, and finding a good grass for shade is a tricky business. Shady areas on your lawn represent spots where your grass is starved of the nourishment it needs to grow well, but don’t worry, Texas Elite Landscaping has the solution to the low-light conundrum.

IMG_2413We can create the ideal lawn for shaded areas with our synthetic grass products.  The new generation of artificial grasses look and feel very natural, drain well, and are extremely durable. We carry a huge range to choose from too with a variety of different looks and feels. The bonus is, in addition to looking great, the labor saving costs are substantial. Artificial grass is also much more environmentally friendly than using slabs to cover worn or patchy areas as water drains through the material rather than running off of it.

If you’d like to look at various types of artificial grass for your shady spots, contact us today!