synthetic grass has changed immensely from the first time it was being used. Today the turf is comprised of multi-layered backing, drainage layer and also the synthetic grass blades. You need to select the fake grass that is resilient and stable. Here are the 5 things you need to consider while choosing this grass.


The price fluctuates however, depending on the characteristics of the area that need to be covered. The price fluctuates with the size, condition and the geographical location. Obviously, the quality of turf also influences its costs.


There is not need to water or weed this grass. There are certain necessary maintenance steps that you need to follow in order to keep them in the best condition. This is so because these turfs are not self-sanitising as the natural lawns. It needs to be cleaned often.

Disposal and Warranty:

Artificial lawns carry a warranty of 8-15 years. Warranty depends on the quality of the turfs obviously. An extended warranty ensures better quality obviously.


Artificial lawn can be installed easily, just like carpet. The turf is tightly stretched over a base. A complete care has to be taken to prevent the appearance of seams. Normally, there is a decomposed granite base that acts as a barrier to the weeds. After the installation process, the infill material is applied.

Types of Infill:

Crumb rubber that is obtained from the recycled tires is one of the commonly used refilling material. It is coated with an anti-microbial product. Organic refills like coconut shell fibres and cork are also available. Coated silica and silica sand are two other types of refills that are commonly used. It is important for the customers to select the organic refills to save the environment from the toxic substances. Synthetic refills will be dangerous to the pets or children playing over them also.

Owing to is multiple advantages, artificial grass has gained an immense popularity. These synthetic turfs resemble so closely to the natural turfs that you cannot make out whether they are real or not even by seeing them closely. That apart, they require little maintenance.


Source: Sooperarticles


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