Texas Elite Landscaping products have multi-purpose uses and can benefit Landscapes that experience high traffic, children and pet play! Artificial grass helps ease the everyday chores a lawn might bring. Did you now that more pet resorts across the nation are choosing synthetic turf for their furry friend’s landscape. Our Pet Turf System is a safe and non-toxic option for any pet application. If that isn’t compelling enough, here are the top 3 reasons to choose artificial turf for your pet’s play area:

1) Durability

TigerTurf products feature the strongest backing in the industry. Grass blades are triple reinforced into the turf backing through tuft bind technology which creates a strong resistance to pull-force motion. No matter the amount of foot traffic or play, your pet is guaranteed to have a strong synthetic turf surface that is safe and will stay strong for years to come.

2) Stain and Fade Resistance

Never worry about brown spots again! Each turf blade is coated with a U.V. inhibitor, will never fade and is backed by our 15 Year Warranty. All of our products are very easy to clean and will resist stains from your four-legged friends.

3) Low Maintenance

How often do you have to mow the lawn with synthetic grass? Forget the gardening equipment, brown spots and buried pet toys! Texas Elite Landscaping products require a simple easy clean up and are non-toxic. Let your furry friends play all day on our synthetic grass! Save yourself time, money and water with our TigerTurf pet system!

Contact Texas Elite Landscaping if you have pets and are interested in making your life easier and your pet’s play area better! Email us or call 214-298-7726 today.


Source: Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Texas Elite Landsscaping’s supplier of synthetic grass products.