Build the Perfect Dog Park with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

black dog in synthetic grass

Groundcover is a critical consideration when it comes to building a dog park. It must be pet-friendly and durable enough to withstand high foot traffic, determined digging and extreme weather conditions. The best artificial grass for dogs not only satisfies these criteria but also offers benefits that natural turf cannot match. Why Choose Synthetic Turf…

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Cute akita inu puppies on artificial grass against white background

Keeping a natural lawn is seldom an option for dog owners. Dogs can wreck a yard in a matter of minutes with their boisterous play, persistent digging, and excrements. In addition to that, most of the chemical solutions typically involved in a natural lawn’s maintenance is a danger to any canine’s health.  If you want…

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Top Qualities for the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

dog in the backyard-min

Don’t settle for just any turf, give your furry best friend the perfect play space with the best artificial grass for dogs! The weather in Dallas is almost always sunny. That is why pleasant aesthetic and durability of the grass is essential – important qualities that natural grass cannot copy. However, some people are hesitant…

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Grass Allergy in Dogs: How Artificial Grass Can Help

grass allergy in dogs

You aren’t the only one who may be suffering from outdoor allergies. Around half of all dogs in America suffer from similar reactions, too, especially in the spring and summer. Surprisingly, your lawn could be a major culprit. Grass allergy in dogs is more common than you think. Although there’s little you can do to treat…

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Let’s Talk Lifespan: How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

How long does artificial grass last

What’s the first thing you think of when someone talks about artificial grass? Most people envision large sports fields overrun with soccer, football, or lacrosse players. Did you know that synthetic grass has tons of other uses? Many homeowners find creative ways to use fake grass from creating child-friendly play spaces to softening floors indoors. If…

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Fake Grass For Dogs: Is It Safe?

Happy border collie playing outside on the grass

The artificial grass market is growing at a rate of 6.8 percent per year.  It’s not hard to see why. It’s less effort to maintain, doesn’t need water, and stays healthy all year round. However, if you’re considering the switch to fake grass, you may have a few concerns regarding whether fake grass for dogs is safe? Keep…

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How Does Imitation Grass Drain?

How Does Imitation Grass Drain

How Does Imitation Grass Drain? Installing an artificial turf system is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. Not only does imitation grass require far less maintenance, but it also helps save the environment by reducing your water usage. Many people have heard horror stories about pooling water and poor drainage. Modern artificial grass manufacturers have…

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How to Install Fake Grass in Any Backyard

how to install fake grass

How to Install Fake Grass in Any Backyard Artificial or synthetic grass is getting more popular especially as modern products are such an improvement on early versions. People chose synthetic grass for many reasons including to help with allergies. Over 50 million Americans suffer from some kind of allergy and artificial grass can reduce exposure…

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