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Everyone knows about how synthetic grass can save you money on your water bill and save you several hours a month in maintenance and upkeep time. However, some people don't know that one of the biggest advantages to artificial grass is the work that our team does with our petscapes products.

These products provide superior drainage and durability, so that your pets can have free range playing on your turf without damaging your home's aesthetic beauty. Our products are non-toxic for pets, and prevent the odors that pets usually create on natural lawns.



All aspects of our synthetic petscapes solutions work with the other to create an unbeatable perfect mixture of a beauty and functionality. Our antibacterial turf infill, called Durafill, has urine neutralizing qualities, is UV stabilized, and features a perforated Drain Core to create a non-toxic synthetic grass system that meets the needs of pets and pet owners alike.

Whether it's for a little chihuahua or an entire litter of golden retrievers, our Turf Core Drain System is exactly what you're looking for.

All of the petscape products that we carry are rigorously tested and are 100 percent safe – not only for your pet, but also the environment and for your entire family.

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