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We LOVE dogs! Give your pets space where they can have free range playing on your turf without damaging your home's aesthetic beauty. Petscapes by Synthetic Grass DFW offer the best artificial grass for dogs and are perfect for any breed!

Our petscapes products provide superior drainage and durability. In addition, our products are non-toxic for pets, and prevent the odors that pets usually create on natural lawns. Best of all, our petscapes solutions can save you money, water, and upkeep time—so you won’t think of going back to natural grass again!

Artificial Grass Petscapes Solutions

All aspects of our synthetic petscapes solutions work together to create an unbeatable mixture of beauty and functionality.

At Synthetic Grass DFW, our artificial turf for dogs is made from EasyTurf Pedigree artificial grass. Regarded by experts as the best artificial grass for dogs, it has qualities that will make your pooch roll over in delight!

Pedigree artificial grass is made shorter with slit-film fiber design, allowing easier maintenance and clean up. This synthetic petscapes solution is perfect for any dog yard or commercial dog parks.

  • Pedigree artificial turf intertwines field green and olive green soft spun monofilament to create a soft, natural looking grass.
  • It is made with UV-resistant polyethylene, which protects against fading and discoloration.
  • It comes with a MaxxFlow backing surface, which drains freely with zero absorption.
  • It can stand up to all pets and pet waste.
  • It has an integrated weed barrier, which saves you money from buying a separate one.

The EasyTurf pet turf is made up of four layers: the synthetic grass, the infill, the Maxxflow backing layer, and the compacted crushed stone base. These layers work together to form a durable and drainable turf, which can resist pet-inflicted damage.

With the Synthetic Grass DFW petscapes turf, your pets can have the playing space they want, while you get the safety assurance you need!

Dog Turf

100% Safe

With our artificial grass for dogs, keeping a beautiful, worry-free lawn all year long is made easy! We offer a specially-crafted antibacterial turf infill called Durafill that is UV stabilized, has urine neutralizing qualities, and features a perforated Drain Core with non-toxic synthetic grass system for pets and pet owners’ needs.

At Synthetic Grass DFW, you can ensure that all of the petscapes products that we carry are rigorously tested and are 100% safe — not only for your pet but also for the environment and your entire family.

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